FY 2024-2025 Approved Budget

The Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act serves as the framework for our annual budget process. Harnett County adheres to a balanced budget approach, covering a fiscal year that spans from July 1st to June 30th. Our budget development occurs each spring, guided by the priorities set by the Harnett County Board of Commissioners (BOC).

The Annual Operating Budget of the County estimates the total resources necessary to carry out our operations effectively. It also establishes tax rates and fee schedules for the upcoming fiscal year. This comprehensive budget ensures that we can continue providing essential services to our community.

In May, the County Manager presents the Recommended Annual Operating Budget for the next fiscal year to the Board of Commissioners. To ensure transparency and gather input, the BOC holds public hearings and work sessions. They have the authority to make amendments to the Manager's Recommended Budget based on these discussions. Finally, in June, the BOC approves the final budget.

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