Services Offered at Harnett Regional Jetport

 At Harnett Regional Jetport, we'd like to make your experience enjoyable and headache-free. Whether flying in for business or pleasure, we'll help get you in the air "flying at a nominal pace" on your schedule! Below is our service and fee schedule. If you do not see a service listed yet or may need specific accommodations, please feel free to call the terminal at 910-814-2740 to see if there is something we can do to assist you. Our temporary terminal includes a restroom, free hot coffee and cookies, lounge seating, free Wi-Fi, and we offer a variety of pilot supplies. Call our terminal at 910-814-2740 for questions on what we carry. If you are looking for flight training or an on-site aircraft mechanic, please call the terminal.  


Need fuel?

During our operational hours, we provide complimentary full-service fueling. Just call us on UNICOM and a line technician will meet you on the ramp.

Full-service at self-serve prices!

Harnett Regional Jetport FY 2025 Rates and Fees

Effective July 01, 2024


Facility/Ramp Fee (Cabin-class aircraft only*) - $100.00

               Fee waived with the following conditions:

                                50+ gallon fuel sale for a 40’-50’ wingspan aircraft

                                100+ gallon fuel sale for a 51’-60’ wingspan aircraft

                                150+ gallon fuel sale for a 61’+ wingspan aircraft

Parking Fee -

                Overnight** - $10.00 per night

                Per Month - $50.00 (tenants only, County agreement req’d)

                Open Hangar - $100.00 (tenants only, County agreement req’d)

After Hours Callout Service - $100.00

                 Flat rate, per trip, from 1730hrs to 0730hrs.

Facility Rental*** 

                Conference Room - $60.00 per hour

                Kitchen - $30.00 per hour

                A refundable deposit of $250.00 is req’d for any rental space at HRJ.

Courtesy Car – FREE

                - 2-hour limit. Must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance. 


*HRJ defines cabin-class aircraft as any aircraft with any combination of the following: a bulkhead that separates the cockpit from the cabin, seats six (6) or more passengers, has an aisle between passenger seats, is pressurized, and/or has an air-stair door.


**One night of tie-down fees waived for overnight parking with qualified fuel purchase.


*** A facility use request must be filled out and send to per request.  Requests can be found here. A Facility Use Agreement must be completed and deposit paid before facility use is granted.