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Nursing Home Community Advisory Committee

N. C. General Statute 131E, Article 5
This Committee was established to work to maintain the intent of the Nursing Home Resident Bill of Rights and to promote community involvement and cooperation with nursing homes. State law defines the duties and appointment by the Harnett County Commissioners of the Advisory Committee members.
Total Seats
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Commissioner's District
Term Length
1 years
Meeting Schedule
Last Month in Each Quarter
Meeting Place
Rotate Facility Sites
Special Requirements
Each committee member shall serve an initial term of one year. Reappointment shall be for three years. Any vacancy shall be filled by appointment of a person for a one-year term. If this vacancy is a position filled by an appointee nominated by the home administrators, then the vacancy shall be filled by a nominee of the home administrators. Each committee member must be a resident of Harnett County. No person or immediate family member of a person with a financial interest in a home served by the committee, or employee or governing board member of a home served by the committee may be a member of the committee. Any County Commissioner who is appointed to the committee shall serve in an ex-officio capacity. The number of persons on the committee is determined by the number of nursing homes in the county. For three nursing homes or less, the committee shall have five members. For four homes or more the Committee shall have one additional member for each nursing home in excess of three. County Commissioners must choose not less than one-third but as close to one-third as possible, of the committee members from among persons nominated by a majority of the chief nursing home administrators in the county. If the nursing home administrators fail to make a nomination within 45 days after written notification has been sent to them by the county commissioners requesting a nomination, such appointments may be made by the county commissioners without nominations. **Due to Covid, recommendations for appointment are not being made at this time. State training for reentry is underway but not complete. Recommendations for appointment with resume once reentry training is completed by the State.**

Board Members

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Roger Brown 
Patricia Walker Smith