When you mitigate something, you reduce the severity, seriousness or painfulness of something or the way it affects you.  Emergency Managers across the United States continually strive to promote resilient communities by encouraging mitigation.  In Harnett County, we not only want to be prepared when disaster strikes, we also want to build stronger and more stable infrastructures and homes.  This helps lessen the impact of any natural or manmade disaster, and promotes faster and less costly recovery efforts. There are numerous mitigating actions that you can take as a resident of Harnett County taken to prevent or reduce the cause, impact, and consequences of disasters. Examples of hazard mitigation include:

  • Tying down homes or barns with ground anchors to withstand wind damage
  • Digging water channels to redirect water and planting vegetation to absorb water
  • Constructing levees or permanent barriers to control flooding
  • Reinforcing fencing to prevent animal escapes
  • Buying insurance policies

Below are some resources that promote resilience through mitigation. To learn more about mitigation and things you can do, click a link below:

The U.S. Geological Survey promotes resiliency through scientific research of natural hazards our community and country experiences.  Click here for more information:


For the Harnett County Hazard Mitigation Plan, click here: