Our office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

We accept maps/plats that are 24x36, as well as, 18x24 for recording.  These are the only 2 sizes that we accept.

Harnett County was formed from Cumberland County in the year 1855. Our office has records dating back to this time; however, fires in 1892 and 1894 destroyed many of the early records.

If the person was born in Harnett County, a certified copy is $10.00.

Our office can perform a statewide search if you were born from 1971 to present. The cost for a statewide search is $24.00. If you were born in another county prior to 1971, you will need to contact that county for your birth record.

For any vital record transaction, our office accepts cash or card (Visa and Mastercard) 

For any real estate transaction, our office accepts cash or check

Yes. All information maintained in our office is public record, with the exception of military discharges.

To obtain a copy of a document, you can come into the office or mail a request to 305 W. Cornelius Harnett Blvd., Ste. 200, Lillington, NC 27546 or click here and print or save to your home/office computer. 

No. North Carolina General Statutes strictly prohibits the staff of the Register of Deeds from performing title searches. The individual or a legal representative may perform the search.

Deed name changes require the submittal of a new deed to the Register of Deeds office. We suggest that you consult an attorney unless you are familiar with creating legal documents. The Register of Deeds cannot add or remove names from deeds.

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If you have a map book and page, enter those numbers in the corresponding fields on the search page.

If the map is a Plat Cabinet, enter PC#___ in the book field. The slide number will be entered in the page field with no space or dash between the number and the letter. Example: For Plat Cabinet C, Slide 123-B enter PC#C in the book field and 123B in the page field.

Marriage licenses obtained from our office can be used anywhere in the State of North Carolina and only in the State of North Carolina. Licenses obtained from Harnett County must be returned to Harnett County.

The Harnett County Magistrate’s office will only perform ceremonies for Harnett County Residents until further notice.