Online Record Search

Online Record Search

Real Estate -

Use our online website to view/print documents that are filed in our office. All documents recorded in our office are available on our website. Our current real estate index goes back to 1973; anything prior to 1973, search the old index books. You may search by book and page or you may search by the name of the grantor or grantee.

If you have a map book and page, click Advanced, enter those numbers in the corresponding fields on the search page. If the map is a Plat Cabinet, enter PC#___ in the book field. The slide number will be entered in the page field with no space or dash between the number and the letter. Example: For Plat Cabinet C, Slide 123-B enter PC#C in the book field and 123B in the page field.

Vital Records -

Use our online website to view the Index for Marriages, Births and Deaths. Check the Advanced Fields box and enter your search criteria information.

*All information maintained in our office is public record, with the exception of military discharges.



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