Services and Programs Offered:

The Information Technology Department is responsible for all technology aspects of Harnett County. The IT Department is specifically responsible for hardware and software support, training, maintaining email and Internet access, system installation, networking, and centralized purchasing of computer-related items.

Computer Platforms:

Harnett County utilizes multiple operating system platforms and clients. The Information Technology Department supports all county and municipal datacenters as well as end user equipment.  Support services include networking, client/server applications, connectivity, telecommunications, digital platforms across a wide spectrum of devices.

Service Area Responsibilities:

Harnett County Information Technology provides technical support to all county government departments. Additionally the IT Department assists the municipalities of Dunn, Erwin, Angier, Coats and Lillington with their technology implementations.

Service Level Agreements:

The IT Department makes every effort to resolve the matter in a timely fashion. Reported issues are assessed and assigned to available staff.  Work orders are given a severity level based on a number of factors.  The severity level determines the expected resolution time for the issue.  Severity issues that are currently in use: 

  1. HIGH - (immediate to 1 day response) This category covers issues affecting multiple users, datacenter problems, or mission-critical application tickets.
  2. NORMAL - (1 to 3-day response) This category covers equipment moves, new user account setup, updating non-critical applications, printer and other peripheral installation.
  3. LOW - (4 day to 1 week response) This category covers projects, general system and network proactive maintenance, as well as issues not impacting efficiency and staff productivity.

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