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Harnett County Seeks Citizen Input in Comprehensive Land Use Plan Survey

Thursday, February 15, 2024

Harnett County Seeks Citizen Input in Comprehensive Land Use Plan Survey

Let your voice be heard on how Harnett County should look to you

Harnett County has launched a community survey to gather valuable feedback from citizens regarding the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. The County kicked off the beginning process of updating the Plan in August 2023 and is now in phase two.

During the process of updating the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, the County must understand the priorities and concerns of citizens. The community survey aims to engage citizens.

By participating in the community survey, citizens can share their priorities and concerns. Harnett County will better understand the perspectives and aspirations of citizens and use those recommendations towards achieving the vision of the county.

“Public participation in the planning process is the key to implementing policies and decisions that reflect community priorities. The land use plan survey provides the perfect opportunity for the public to convey their broad vision for the future of Harnett County," said Mark Locklear, Harnett County Director of Development Services.

The survey will allow the County to obtain feedback on things that are important to citizens such as:

  • What they value most.
  • What their vision is for the county.
  • What factors and priorities are important to them.
  • Things that may need improvement.

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan will ultimately guide the community’s vision, land use policy, funding, resource decisions, and infrastructure. The plan will define a land use and development framework for various areas in Harnett County such as transportation, community character, economic development, and recreation.

Harnett County citizens are encouraged to participate in the survey to share their feedback.

To complete the survey or to learn more, visit:

Harnett County is one of the fastest growing counties in North Carolina with approximately 140,000 residents. Harnett's tagline of "Strong Roots, New Growth," describes a county in transition, one that values its rural agricultural heritage while also embracing new growth and industry. Harnett County is optimally located just between North Carolina's capital city of Raleigh and the internationally recognized Research Triangle Park to the north, and the nation's largest military installation in Fort Liberty to the south. 

For more information, contact Community Relations Director, Desiree Patrick at or 910-893-7555.

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