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Harnett County Courthouse now offers eCourts Kiosks

Friday, July 5, 2024

The Harnett County Courthouse now provides citizens with eCourts kiosks that allow public access to court records. eCourts is an initiative to modernize North Carolina Judicial Branch (courthouses) from paper to digital. Harnett County Courthouse made that transition in February 2023.

eCourts kiosks allow the public to easily engage with the court system by providing on-site access to search court dates and case events, file documents electronically, make payments, and use a scanner, printer, or other services available through the Judicial Branch’s digital case management system that serves nearly half the state’s population.

Harnett County now has three kiosks for the public to use that are located:

  • On the first floor of the Harnett County Courthouse next to the small claim’s courtroom.
  • On the 2nd floor of the Harnett County Courthouse by the elevator.
  • At the Harnett County Sheriff's Office & Detention Center (outside the magistrates' office) which will allow the public access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

“We are excited to launch our eCourts kiosks in Harnett County, this is a great resource for our citizens,” said Renee Whittenton, Clerk of Superior Court. “Many users will experience the ability to print documents from active court files, pay court fines and eFile certain legal documents with a guided filing approach (similar to filing with turbo tax and other self-filing programs) thereby eliminating waiting times to be served. Kiosk availability at the Harnett County Detention Center provides access to citizens who may need to utilize these services when the courthouse is closed.”

Prior to eCourts, most North Carolinians could only access court records and case events at a clerk's office or at public computer terminals located inside courthouses. In the 27 counties using eCourts today, the public can file and access court records and make payments online from anywhere with an internet connection.

To learn more about eCourts, visit: eCourts | North Carolina Judicial Branch (

For questions regarding eCourt kiosks, please contact Harnett County Clerk of Court at (910) 814-4600.

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